Organisation Chart


Structure of Administrative Setup


  • Powers of Executive Magistrate to deal with section 109, 110, 133, 145,174 and 176 of Cr.P.C.
  • Assistant Collector Grade-I and Revenue Department under sub section (1) of Section 7 read with section 76 of Delhi Land Revenue Act, 1954
  • Collector of Stamp under Indian Stamp Act,1899
  • District Environment Protection Officer under Section 4(1) of Environment Protection Act,1986
  • Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer for Assembly Constituency.
  • Registrar of Marriage under Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, Compulsory Marriage Act and Marriage Act.
  • Co-ordinator for Relief and Rehabilitation operation in case of Disaster.
  • Distribution of Ad-hoc monthly relief/ Compensation to Jammu and Kashmir Migrants and 1984 riot victims.
  • Identification and conduction of Rescue Operation for release of Bonded Labour/Child labour



1. Supervision of Demarcation of Land as per DLR Act 1954

2. Mutation

  • Mutation of Revenue Records pertaining to Rural  Villages Only as per DLR Act 1954.
  • As per the Judgement of Hon’ble High Court in the case title Indu Khurana V/s Gram Sabha, the mutations of urbanized villages is not to be executed.

  “The Division Bench of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in the matter of Smt. Indu Khurana Vs Gram sabha & Ors.  in WP(C) No. 4143/2003 vide order dated 26/03/2010 has  held that once Rural Area urbanized by issuance of notification under section 507(a) of  The Delhi Municipal Act, 1957, provisions of Delhi Land Reforms Act, 1954 will cease to apply. This decision has also been upheld by Hon’ble Supreme  Court of India SLP (c) No. 16106/2012 Gaon Sabha & Anr. Vs  Indu Khurana & Anr. and vide order dated 05/04/2016 has observed “we find no merits in the petition. The Special Leave Petition is accordingly dismissed”.

3. Issuance of following types of Certificates:

  • OBC/SC/ST Certificate
  • Income/Domicile Certificate
  • Surviving Certificate
  • Delayed Birth/Death Order
  • Solvency Certificate etc.
  • Disability Certificate.
  • Land Status  Report.

4. Recovery/Process of Recovery

  • Issue Notice.
  • Attachment
  • Warrant of arrest under section 69 PLR Act 1887

5.Payment Making Officer

6.Powers of Executive Magistrate to deal with Section 174 and 176 of CrPC


Duties of Kanungo: 

  • General Supervision over Patwari
  • Supervision over Village Maps
  • Checking of Patwari’s records and statistics.
  • Demarcation of land


Duties of Patwari:

  • Maintenance of record of the crop grown at every harvest.
  • Keeping the record up to date by the punctual record of mutations.
  • The account of preparation of statistical returns embodying the information derived from the harvest inspections, register of mutation and record of rights.
  • To make entries in Khasra Girdawari.